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Windows 10 New Features

Windows 10 brings with it a number of new features designed to make your computer more user friendly. But along with features comes frustration at times. [embed][/embed] Host: I always feel a little enlightened each time we see you because I learn something new. This is something I know nothing about, Ellen sounds like she's…
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Managed IT

Small businesses need managed IT if they are too small to have an IT team or technician. Madison Geeks pretty well manages all of your computer and networking needs. We'll come out and review your setup and come up with a custom plan that will suit your business and your budget. We also discuss the…
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Hackers and Windows 10 Popups

Computer users today need to be vigilant to internet hackers who are out to steal your money and date. The topic came up with Kahlal "KC" Cunningham of Madison Geeks during a recent Girl Talk broadcast here in Madison. He offered some good advice on how to protect yourself. Last time we saw you Kahlal…
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Beware Internet Scams

Make sure everyone in your company is aware of how internet phishing scams work to keep your company from being a victim. Plus, advice on how to take care of new laptop and other Lithium batteries for long life. [embed][/embed] Kahlal "KC" Cunningham of Madison Geeks appeared on a January 2016 Channel 57 CW57 WIFS…
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Everything You Want to Know About Hard Drives

Hard Disk Drives, hard drives or HDD are a hardware device that stores and retrieves data on your computer. Data can be written, deleted and re-written to these drives. If you broke one apart and looked inside you'd see one or more platters to which data is written using a magnetic head.[\embed] Kahlal "KC"…
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Windows 10 Arrives

Windows 10 is here, should you update from Windows 8? What if you're still using Windows XP on your computer?  Serious questions especially for businesses. We talk about these Microsoft operating systems on Girl Talk. [embed] [/embed] Kahlal "KC" Cunningham of Madison Geeks appeared on a July 2015 Channel 57 CW57 WIFS Madison Wisconsin Family…
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Residential Technology Consulting

Madison Geeks' provides residential and technology consulting services along with home or business remote monitoring. We talk about that and wearables on a recent visit to Girl Talk. [embed][/embed] Kahlal "KC" Cunningham of Madison Geeks appeared on a June 2015 Channel 57 CW57 WIFS Madison Girl Talk segment to talk about technology consulting for home and business and…
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Online Backup and Support Tips

Online storage is the best way to make sure you don't lose your critical files. With an internet connection all you have to do is store your files securely online. Plus use a trusted local company for remote computer support. Here are some tips. [embed][/embed] Kahlal "KC" Cunningham of Madison Geeks appeared on a May…
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Home Computer Maintenance

What can I do to insure that I'm handling my computer properly? Should have my computer cleaned by professionals on a regular basis? My computer won't turn on. Does that mean my data is lost? [embed][/embed] Kahlal "KC" Cunningham of Madison Geeks appeared on a January 2017 Channel 57 CW57 WIFS Madison Girl Talk segment…
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