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We are a diverse, talented, passionate collaboration of experienced IT technicians and support staff whose collective skills encompass a variety of fields. This cooperative structure, in addition to strategic alliances led by founder Kahlal “KC” Cunningham, allows us to offer a variety of services not typically found together, especially at the level of quality found at Madison Geeks.

This structure best serves our clients through the development of longer-term, far-reaching relationships and ensuring that solutions coincide with your business growth strategies. We provide optimal service, higher-quality products, and greater-value outcomes that lead to happier customers. Just check out our Madison Better Business Bureau rating or Angie’s list.

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Our story

Madison Geeks, Inc., has been in business since 2007.

Our services are available on-site or in-shop. We also provide remote service and assistance on the phone phone, by email, and remote computer access.

We make it as convenient to provide you with the right solution for your needs.

Our professional technicians are the premier choice for technology and small business solutions. Visit our services page to learn more.

Our Madison offices are at the northwest corner of Odana Road and Potomac Lane. We’re one block from Market Square on the west side of Madison, Wisconsin. There are several businesses in the building. Our parking and entrance are on the north side of the building  of of Potomac Lane with convenient parking.

We also serve the greater Las Vegas area and Clark County, Nevada. There we provide on-site services, pick-up and delivery services. Message or Call us for service.

Our Mission

We present the widest variety of high-value, personalized technology and enterprise solutions. Our services are available in South-Central Wisconsin and Clark County, Nevada. We are the area’s premier provider through our candid, friendly approach. We are reliable. We are ready to respond. We promote the development of our technicians expertise. We want to help people become confident and successful technology users.

Our technicians are competent, ambitious individuals. We empower them to use their own sound judgment and complete skill sets. In both cities we have technicians on call 24/7.

We Are Real

Our down-to-earth Geeks speak your lingo – no computer jargon. We meet you where you are. We use terminology you understand. Explain what needs to be done and why. We provide estimates on how much it will cost. Then we’ll describe every step, explain what we are doing, and why we are doing it. We strive to answer your questions to help you make a well-informed decision.

We Are Relationship Focused

It is important for us to develop connections by making your experience pleasant and empowering. We aim to create loyal, long-time business relationships with our clients. Our goal is that you feel you can trust us enough to refer your friends, family.

We Are Responsive

We commit to providing key services with a quick turnaround time. For your convenience, we provide you with several means of contacting us. Telephone, email, online forms and online chat. A Geeks 42 Support Agreement guarantees customers priority positioning within our ticketing system.

We Are Quality Driven

Our Geeks ensure that you get what you need to satisfy your objectives. We won’t bloat our services with extras from which you won’t benefit. Your project is completed according to your specifications. We warranty parts, software, and services we provide.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that the technology that we service or customize will work according to your stated specifications when we return or provide your equipment.

Contact us today, we’re here to help.