Server Setup & Maintenance

Unreliable servers = BIG Expenses $$

On-site or cloud based servers are the backbone of your business operation today.

Lackluster server performance is costing you money in downtime and maintenance costs.

Lenovo Server Towers Rackmount

Servers can be rackmount or standalone towers.

You can’t afford disruptions caused by unreliable servers that require frequent attention. We know you need a reliable solution that not only meets your current needs, but also has you ready for future growth as your business accelerates.

Madison Geeks have over 20 years of hands on experience planning and implementing server solutions for large, medium, and small business clients. We have the experience to help you plan a server build out or replace your current server. With the appropriate service plan we can also remotely maintain your server as well to keep you up and running.

We build and maintain robust server environments.

  • In-house Microsoft Server solutions that leverage Microsoft Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint, and SQL Databases.
  • In-house Linux server solutions that provide you with a free-open source platform that we manage and maintain. They provide a lower cost as they don’t rely on a significant financial outlay for a Microsoft Server software solution.
  • Cloud-based Solutions are also versatile and reliable alternatives that can save money and reduce IT management overhead.
  • Virtual server solutions consisting of multiple server setups operating on a single piece of hardware, saving thousands of dollars and hundreds of service hours by eliminating the need for duplicate hardware.

You may need a server that serves multiple remote business sites. We build and maintain VPN connectivity with the right hardware and security solutions to provide you with robust connectivity and ease of use.

Contact us today to learn more about how our server solutions can help your business.