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VoIP Telephone Systems

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has changed the way today’s small businesses operate. Gone are the days when you’re teachered to a big telephone company or have to purchase tens of thousands of dollars worth of on-site equipment.

Today’s small businesses are lean and mean and needs and budgets vary widely. Even in today’s online 24/7 connected world, communicating by voice over the telephone is still a major part of your operation.

Voice over IP VoIPMadison Geeks is proud to offer a cloud hosted PBX solution designed from the start to be scalable with you as your business grows. From one employee to 100,000 employees.

Our  low cost national provider partner allows you to make and manage your calls from any device, anywhere.

With customizable pricing and services we have unlimited services plans available.

We can give you exactly what you need from your phone system at a cost that’s affordable. We not only improve single site communications , we can connect all of your remote office locations so your employees are connected seamlessly.

Business owners can work from home with a phone that is actually an extension of the VoIP phone system.

Your sales manager can live in another county, or even another state, and have an extension that works as if they are right in your office.

Transferring calls from your reception area is as simple as dialing their extension number.

Polycom VOIP HandsetVoIP Polycom Handset

Our VoIP phone system solutions are the best choice for business:

  • Productivity Features

    • Any phone, any feature, any time
    • Mobility
    • Caller ID Control
    • Screen, Park, Share, Page, Log
    • Call Forwarding
  • Voice & Video

    • Three Way Calling
    • Video Calling
    • Extension Dialing
    • Unlimited Calls
    • Find Me / Follow Me
    • Multi Level Auto Attendant
    • HD Voice
    • Voice Mail to Text
    • Ring Groups
  • Messaging

    • Voice Mail in your Email
    • Alerts and Notifications
    • Fax in your Inbox
    • Extension
    • Call Recording
    • Dial by Name Directory
    • Other Features
    • Multiple Device Connectivity (Cell, Desk Phone, Desktop & More)
    • Conference Bridge (Up to 25 attendees)
    • Teliax to Teliax Network calling
    • Call Monitoring
    • Security and Fraud Protection
    • Local Area Codes
    • Toll Free Numbers
    • International Numbers

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