G Suite Solutions

Google G Suite Solutions

G Suite Business Plans from Google are a cloud-based package of business productivity services.

Business professionals around the world count on G Suite (formerly Google Apps for Work). It includes professional email, file storage, video conferencing, shared calendars, documents and more.

It helps your business team communicate, collaborate and get things done.

G Suite uses:

  1. GMail for email
  2. Docs for documents and word processing
  3. Sheets for spreadsheets
  4. Drive for online cloud file storage and file and document sharing
  5. Slides to manage and create business presentations
  6. Forms for the creation of routine business forms

From anywhere and on any device with an internet connection.

5 Million Businesses worldwide rely on G Suite.

G Suite is a cost-effective productivity solution that is easy to use. It’s a tool that mid size businesses and small business as well as educational institutions find is easy to afford and manage. The costs are paid monthly and are based on the number of employees who will use the applications.

G Suite is used daily by the professionals here at Madison Geeks.

Google G Suite


Business email for your domain

Gmail’s powerful and easy to use email features help you build your business as @your-domain is your email address. Users can receive from a file size inbox for each user with custom email that will hold from 30GB to Unlimited email content.

Access from any device anywhere with an internet connection

Check email, share files, edit documents, conduct video meetings if your in the office, at home or in your car. G Suite allows you to transition from device to device and never miss a beat.

Enterprise-level management tools

G Suite administrative controls give you total management of users, devices, and security.

Smart Search

Allows you to search the entire contents of your Google Drive file storage to save time.


G Suite has 99.9% up time, guaranteed.

And more…

  • No large upfront investment for software.
  • No more Email Delivery and Spam Problems.
  • Reduces IT support.
  • Data protection and security.
  • Mobile Friendly.

Contact us today to learn more about how Madison Geeks and the G Suite solution can help your business grow. We can help.